Psychospiritual Scotland

Psychospiritual Scotland is dedicated to promoting lectures, workshops, intensives, conferences, and trainings offered by published Jungians and transpersonal psychologists. Particular emphasis is given to the practical application of Jungian and transpersonal psychologies. These events are aimed at practitioners within the psychological professions unless otherwise specified.

This website is in the process of being updated and future events are being considered. Meanwhile Psychospiritual Scotland is resting. Contact: Mike Wilson


The Shadow of the Psychotherapist with Jim Fitzgerald


Wrestling With Eros: The Myth of Anteros & its Meanings with Dr. Craig Stephenson PhD

Vision & Supervision with Dr. Dale Mathers


Sweet Darkness with Dianne Timberlake & Dorothy Mason

Jung & Buddhism & Mindfulness in the Consulting Room with Polly Young-Eisendrath PhD


Human Being Human: Creative Psychotherapy, Individuation and Image with Christopher Hauke

Minding the gap: Touching time with Winnicott, Jung and Lacan & Hysteria and projective identification: Dionysus in the Consulting Room with Chris Williams

Deep Imagery: Opening the Window to the Imaginal World with Dianne Timberlake


Authority, Autonomy, Authenticity: "each things goes itself..." with Josephine Evetts-Secker

Sandplay Therapy with Diana Jansen, Mike Falcus & a film by Dr. Peter Ammann

Sexuality, Gender Identity and Analytical Psychology with Dr. Dale Mathers

Soucentric Dreamwork (Dreamwork Training) with Bill Plotkin & Geneen Marie Haugen

Jung's Concept of Possession with Craig Stephenson


Meaning, Buddhism and Analytical Psychology & Meaning Disorders with Dr. Dale Mathers


What is the Self? & Typological Analysis with Dr. John Beebe











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