with Dianne Timberlake, MA

DATES: Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th October 2007

It's not just your imagination; Spirit will use any opportunity to encourage us to continue the work of coming home to ourselves.

The deep imagery Intensive provides you with the opportunity to plunge into the terrifying beauty and fascinating depths of your own unique essence.

As human beings we have different ways of knowing: of receiving information about ourselves and our world. We have the capacity to learn through thinking, feeling, sensing, and imagining. These four functions, however, are rarely developed in a balanced way. Our culture promotes thinking and sensing almost exclusively, but if we are to know our souls, we must strengthen our imagination. Depth psychologists say that the substance of the soul is image and that deep imagery (i.e. imagery that comes to us from the unconscious) is one of the most direct and powerful means of accessing soul.

Deep imagery is a highly effective means of uncovering soul powers, sacred wounds, and archetypal potentials, and thereby promoting psychological wholeness. Your imagery journeys are the most direct method for meeting inner guides, who possess the wisdom and capacities to assist you on your underworld journey.

There are many methods for cultivating deep imagery, but among the most effective are those that involve power animals, inner guides to healing, growth, and soul work. The most soulcraft-resonant work with power animals was developed by the American psychologist Eligio Stephen Gallegos and is known as the Personal Totem Pole.

The Personal Totem Pole Process is rooted in three traditions: Jungian active imagination, chakra theory, and the belief of indigenous peoples in animals as spirit guides or totems. The core of the work involves finding an animal guide for each of the seven main chakras or energy centers in the body and inviting them into relationship with each other and oneself.

I¹ve been involved with the Personal Totem Pole Process for 20 years; leading workshops and training imagery guides all over the United States, and in England and Wales as well. The creativity and wisdom inherent in the guidance received in these imaginal journeys never fails to delight and inspire me. I am so excited about being able to share this process with you, opening WIDE the window into your imaginal world.


Dianne Timberlake , M.A. Dianne's respect for heartfelt living weaves its way through her own life's journey as well as through her desire to facilitate wholeness in others. She has a deep reverence for the natural world's ability to mirror one's most essential nature whether through vision quests, deep imagery, or simple experience. Dianne is a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, and experienced guide in nature-based rites of passage and personal growth programs. She teaches the use of deep interactive imagery internationally and is a student of transpersonal healing arts. She has a psychotherapy practice in Sonoma County, CA, USA.

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