with Diana Jansen & Mike Falcus

also a film documentary by Dr Peter Ammann

DATES: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May 2006

"When we succeed with this work of bringing about an inner harmony which defines a personality, we can talk of grace" Dora Kalff

Diana Jansen and Mike Falcus will give an overview of the therapeutic method of Sandplay as it was conceived by the Swiss psychotherapist, Dora Kalff. This is a method of psychotherapy based on practical and creative work in the sand tray. In the creation of three dimensional pictures in the sand there is a total involvement of body, mind and soul. The bringing of psyche and soma together in the act of creation can have a powerful healing effect.

Kalff developed the technique of sandtray therapy which Margaret Lowenfeld had used in her work with children. Kalff developed this in line with the teaching of C.G.Jung, giving more emphasis to the symbolic significance of the trays and the objects used. She used this technique with great success in her work with both adults and children. She called her method 'Sandplay'.Diana and Mike will give presentations of their work in Sandplay with both adults and with children. They will give some examples of the spontaneous unconscious process that is enabled in what Kalff referred to as the 'free and protected space' of the sand tray when it is combined with the containment with the therapeutic relationship. The powerful transformations that are encountered in this work often seem to reach a deeper level than can be experienced in verbal therapy alone.


Diana Jansen is a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist. She is working in private practice as a psyhotherapist and sandplay therapist in the North of England. Diana trained as a sandplay therapist with Joel Ryce Menhuin, the pioneer for Jungian Sandplay in Great Britain. He himself was a student of Dora Kalff who created what we now call Jungian Sandplay. He founded the British and Irish Society for Sandplay Therapists (BISS) twenty years ago and Diana acted as chair to the society for some years. She recently published a biography of her father, H.G.Baynes, who first introduced Jungian Psychology to Britain in 1922.

Mike Falcus is a full teaching member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy, and has over 30 years experience in social work, in both statutory and voluntary sectors, 27 of those years as a qualified worker specialising in work with children, young people and their families.


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